Communication Network Performance Analysis


Reference Books:

R. Jain, "The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis."

A. Leon-Garcia, "Probability for Electrical Engineers."

L. Kleinrock, " Queueing Systems: Vol. 1: Theory."

Law and Kelton, "Simulation Modeling and Analysis."

柯志亨 程榮祥 謝錫?? 黃文祥, 計算機網路實驗 : 以ns2模擬工具實作

Topics View Graphs 參考資料
Performance Evaluation Introduction Intro Jain: Chap 1
Common mistakes Mistakes Jain: Chap 2
Evaluation Techniques Techniques Jain: Chap 3
Random Number Generator Random Jain: Chap 26
Law: Chap 7
Confidence Interval conf_interval.ppt Leon-Garcia: Chap 5
Wireless Node wireless.ppt
ns2 manual
MANET Routing protocols MANET_routing_protocol.ppt see last VG
Topology Generator See references in the document
Benchmark Benchmark Jain: Chap 9
Data Presentation Presentation Jain: Chap 10
Workload Characterization Workload Jain: Chap 6
Monitors Monitor Jain: Chap 7
Ratio Games Ratio Jain: Chap 11
Intro. to Simulation Simulation Jain: Chap 24
Random Variate Variate Jain: Chap 26
Law: Chap 8
Linear Regression Regression Jain: Chap 14
Law: Chap ?
Review of Probability NONE Leon-Garcia: Chap 1&2
Review of Random Process NONE Kleinrock: Chap 2
Review of Elementary Queueing Theory NONE Kleinrock: Chap 3
Versions of TCP Window Flow Control vg

Topics 參考程式 參考資料
ns2 Experiment 3 measure-delay.awk 計算機網路實驗 : 以ns2模擬工具實作
Homework 1: Test Random Number Generator hw1.pdf (due 10/11) rand.c Law & UNIX
Homework 2: Sample variance hw2.pdf (due 10/18) N/A A. Leon-Garcia Textbook
Homework 3: Traffic and Queue hw3.pdf (due 11/01) N/A ns2 manual
Homework 4: Wireless Chain hw4.pdf (due 11/22) N/A ns2 manual
Homework 5: TCP and REDhw5.pdf (due 11/22) N/A ns2 manual
Homework 6: Traffic and Queue hw6.pdf (due 11/29) N/A ns2 manual
Homework 7: Impact of ssthresh on TCP Throughput hw7.pdf (due 11/29) N/A ns2 manual
Homework 8: Wireless Chain Networkhw8.pdf (due 12/06) N/A ns2 manual
Tandem Queues exercise 2 Law & UNIX
Sample Statistics exercise 3 A. Leon-Garcia
Event routines event.c Law
Time-driven simulation ex1.tar Jain & Law
Event-driven simulation ex2.tar Jain & Law
A Multiplexer (not bug-free) ex3.tar Jain & Law

Topics papers / Viewgraphs
Performance Analysis of the IEEE 802.11 Distributed Coordination Function *** paper
Hidden Station Detection *** paper
Distributed Token-based Scheduling *** paper
Chain Network Fairness *** paper
Ripple token passing *** paper
ppt file
Ad Hoc Network Routing Comparisons *** presentation
Ad Hoc Network Backbone Broadcast *** paper
Group Based Relay for Multicast *** paper
WLAN medium access fairess *** paper
Passive Broadcast in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks *** paper
Adaptive Network Selection *** paper
Low Power TCP *** paper
Queueing in High Perforamnce Packet Switches paper
Comparative Performance Analysis of Versions of TCP in A Local Network with a Lossy Link paper
Modeling TCP Reno Congestion Avoidance paper1
Performance of TCP with High Bandwidth Delay Product and Random Loss paper
TCP over Wireless with Link Level Error Control paper
Hierarchical Cache Design for Enhancing TCP over Heterogeneous Networks with Wired and Wireless Links paper (N/A)
Packet Reservation Multiple Access paper
The Effects of On-Demand Behavior in Routing Protocols for Multihop Wireless Ad Hoc Networks paper
Analytic Evaluation of RED Performance paper
Providing Traffic Smoothness and Service Guarantees Within ATM Networks Through A Rate-Controlled Service Discipline paper