Data Communications


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Textbook 1: W. Stallings, "Data and Computer Communications."

Topic View-graphs by S. Sanguanpong Supplemental View-graphs
Introduction dcom.pdf None
Data Communication N/A datacomOV.pdf
Data Transmission datatran.pdf
Transmission Media media.pdf
Transmission Impairment impair.pdf trans-bw.doc
Fiber fiber.pdf
Signal signal.pdf
Data Encoding encoding.pdf encoding.pdf
Digital Carrier carrier.pdf
Data Link Layer datalink.pdf
Modem modem.pdf
Multiplexing mux.pdf

Textbook 2: L. Hughes, Introduction to Data Communication, A Practical Approach.

Commkit disk

Topic View-Graphs
PC Hardware pc_hw.ppt
Commkit Software commkit.ppt
UART uart.ppt
Commkit Synchronous Transmission synchr.ppt
Commkit File transfer file_trans.ppt
Modem modem.ppt
Multiplexing mux.ppt

作業請用E-mial寄給助教, 主旨寫:姓名、Homework number,並夾檔 source code, .exe

Homework number 題目 解答
HW 1 Hughes Chap 2: 4, 10 HW1 第十題範例
HW 2 Hughes Chap 3: 15 HW2 Pt2pt.c
HW 3 Hughes Chap 5: 4 HW3 one example
HW 4 Hughes Chap 6: 13,14,15 (due 5/25) HW4 請注意!!!
HW 5 Hughes Chap 7: 10 (due 5/30) HW5 ?.c

Term Project Hughes Chap 8: 10 (due 6/20) project requirements

相關主題 reference
Makefile 的中文說明文件 makefile簡易說明


how to make commkit's source code make commkit
how to make a null modem null modem
a simple netstate software on ne2000 compatible ISA card netstate.c
AT100 (version 2) PCI card test code at100.c
AT100 (version 2) PCI card Registers I_Oaddress.txt
AT100 (version 2) PCI card FreeBSD2.2.8 Driver Source Code

You can download Acrobat Reader 4.0 here.

You can download C compiler here.