High Speed Networks

Course Outline

Midterm: 5/4, 1:30-2:45 PM
(Chap 7.6, 7.7, 7.8.1, and Chap 9, Open Book)
(Note the following topics: Leaky Bucket, Token Bucket, Fluid flow WFQ vs. packet-by-packet WFQ, SRTS calculation, AAL packet format, PNNI routing, etc.)

Final: 6/16, 1:30-2:45 PM
(Open book: TCP Flow Control, ATM ABR Flow Control)

主題 主要資料 投影片 參考資料
ATM Text Book, Chapter 7.6 1alg-atm.ppt
ATM Trffic Management Text Book, Chapter 7.7 2atm-tm.ppt ITU-T I.371
ATM Forum Traffic Management V4.0
Trffic Management and QoS Text Book, Chapter 7.7 3alg-tm-qos.ppt
Congestion Control Text Book, Chapter 7.8 4alg-congest.ppt
TCP Flow Control Text Book, Chapter 7.8 5tcp-flow_control.ppt
BISDN and ATM Text Book, Chapter 9 6atm-intro.ppt
PHY and ATM Text Book, Chapter 9 7phy-atm.ppt
AAL Text Book, Chapter 9 8aal.ppt Y-C. Lee Paper
ATM Signaling Text Book, Chapter 9 9signaling.ppt ITUT
ATM ABR Flow Control Text Book, Chapter 7 10atm-abr.ppt ATM Forum Traffic Management V4.0
Advanced Network Architectures Text Book, Chapter 10 11adv_net ATM Forum, IETF RFC
IP over ATM Text Book Chap 10
ipoa.pdf RFC 1483, 1755
IP Switching RFC 1953, 1954, 1987 ipsw.ppt P. Newman, et al., IP switching: ATM under IP, Ipsilon Network Inc.
Tag Switching RFC 2105 tagsw.ppt T. Downwy, Overview of Tag Switching, Proc. IEEE ? Conference, 1997
OAM Text Book, Chapter 9 oam.ppt ITU-T I.610
oam1.doc oam2.doc
Service Discipline Proceedings of IEEE serv_dscp.pdf None
ATM Switching Text Book Chap 12 queueing.pdf IEEE JSAC, Dec.1988

主題 投影片 參考資料
Introduction Intro.pdf
RF rf.pdf
Baseband baseband.pdf
Link Manager LMP.pdf
HCI Transport Layer hci-transport.pdf
HCI hci.pdf
L2CAP l2cap.pdf
RFCOMM rfcomm.pdf TS 07.10 Specification
TCS tcs.pdf
SDP sdp.pdf
Profiles profile.pdf