High Speed Network Protocols


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Homework Problems Solutions References
HW 1 (due 10/2) hw1.txt N/A Textbook, Chap 9
HW 2 (due 10/9) hw2.txt hw2-sol.pdf Textbook, Chap 9
ITU i363-1
HW 3 (due 10/23) hw3.pdf hw3-sol.pdf Textbooks
HW 4 (due 10/30) hw4.pdf hw4-sol.pdf Textbooks
HW 5 (due 11/6) hw5.txt hw5-sol.pdf Textbooks
HW 6 (due 11/13) hw6.pdf hw6-sol.pdf Textbooks
HW 7 (due 12/11) hw7.txt hw7-sol.pdf Textbooks
HW 8 (due 12/18) hw8.doc hw8-sol.doc Textbooks
Final Report (due 1/27) Final Report description N/A Textbooks, projects, RFCs


Topics Viewgraphs References
BISDN and ATM bisdn-intro.pdf ATM Networks, Chapter 1-3
R. Handel, M. Huber, and S. Schroder
ATM 1alg-atm.pdf Leon-Garcia, Sec. 7.6
PHY and ATM 7phy-atm.pdf ATM Forum TM spec.; Handel ATM book
Leon-Garcia, Chapter 9
AAL 8aal.pdf Y-C. Lee Paper
ITU i363-1
Leon-Garcia, Chapter 9
ATM Trffic Management 2atm-tm.pdf ITU-T I.371
ATM Forum Traffic Management V4.0
Handel book, Chapter 7
Admission Control cac.pdf RFC 2212
Chao book, Chapter 2, and ref [74]
Traffic Access Control- Shaping shaper.pdf Chao book, Chapter 3
Scheduling scheduling.pdf
Chao book, Chapter 4
Buffer Management buffer.pdf Chao Book, Chapter 6
ATM ABR Flow Control abr-fc.pdf ATM Forum Traffic Management V4.0
Text Book, Chapter 7
TCP Flow Control 5tcp-flow_control.pdf Comparison of TCP versions
IP over ATM ipoa.pdf RFC 1483, 1755
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Advanced Network Architectures 11adv_net A. Leon-Garcia Text Book, Chapter 10
Integrated Services intserv A. Leon-Garcia Text Book, Chapter 10
Differentiated Services diffserv A. Leon-Garcia Text Book, Chapter 10