This is our third ATM NIC !

While Version 2.1 card is implemented by one staff, other staffs of the hardware team are designing Version 3.0 card. The reason why we need to design Version 3.0 is due to our testing results about Version 1.0 card. In our test, we found that there are some "traffic" problems in the operations of the ATM NIC. Because the flow control function is not built inside our ATM chips, when we operate our cards in some applications that don't provide flow control, the performance of our cards will degrade. So we want to design new ATM chips that support flow control functions (ABR flow control, to begin with). We call this version as ATM ABR NIC.

The above block diagram represents our Ver 3.0 ATM NIC.You can move your mouse to the ATM-TX, ATM-RX, ATM-interface, ABR block areas and click twice to get more about these chips.

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